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God, flowers, and a little boy’s perspective…

This evening as we were driving, John (6) suddenly said, “Mommy, how come there are some flowers that we don’t plant, but every year they keep coming back?”

I knew he was pondering the newly bloomed tulips in our yard that everyone was so thrilled to see this week.

Each day I would hear, “Another one has opened!’  Squeals of delight as the once barren front yard is suddenly springing forth with new life and color…

After explaining to John how some flowers return each year without having to plant them, he sat for a minute, then said…

“Oh, it’s like Jesus.  The flowers die and then come back. Just like the resurrection!”

Putting him to bed tonight, I recalled his statement and told him how much I loved his comparison of the tulips to Jesus.  He then told me, “God uses the rain as his watering can.  He takes care of the flowers and saves them.”

Then he paused and said, 
“He saved me.”

Yes, John He did.  And He saved me.
Oh what a beautiful moment.
Thank you Lord for your constant reminders in the simplest things, just how big indeed you are.

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