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Simplicty matters-because life is precious

Life is precious. 
Not in the sappy, feel good way. I mean in the appreciate it every second way.

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14
I was struck today when I walked in the front door and there were fingerprints all over the glass. I immediately felt irked, and how I needed to clean them, because it is not a very good impression to have a dirty front door when people enter your house…then I became more irked because my thoughts quickly turned to- “and even after I clean them, they will reappear as if I never cleaned them!”
Then my thoughts were literally, stopped in their tracks.  
They will reappear….”
YES! They will! 

And do you know what that means? 
That my children are here…alive, present, healthy, joyous, laughing, full of life.
I’ve read too many stories of mommies who have lost their children suddenly.  And while the Lord ultimately determines our lives, and how long we are on this earth before spending eternity with Him, it is not a thought anyone can deal with easily…so we avoid it often times…the fact that our lives are like a vapor, and that doesn’t exclude our children’s lives.
But yet something that needs to be in our awareness.  Not an overwhelming obsession with our children’s lives, but a realistic thought.

How those mommies who have lost their children wouldn’t yearn to clean the fingerprints over and over again…how they wouldn’t yearn for the noise…
...when here I am always saying “shhhh!” 

So many moms have told me, “Someday you will miss the noise…”

We need to have these thoughts, so we do not take life for granted.
Look at all the tragedy in Japan, Haiti, and elsewhere in the world.  Does the Lord really wants to us to focus on fingerprints? 
Those fingerprints are the mark of life.  Lives that are here to grow and for us to enjoy, no matter for how long.
So today, I left the fingerprints.  And I will not care what anyone thinks.  It is a gentle reminder of what is really important in life.

Simplicity matters.  
Because when we get caught up in the details that distract us from what is really important, we can go down a path  that clouds up our idea of what really is important.  And that was my simple reminder today.

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