Simply...Living For Him

Paring Down “Stuff”…

It’s really hard to want more “stuff” when you are filling your mind with God’s Word.

His Word is powerful, and convicting, and humbling.  He speaks to us through His Word.  And when I am immersed in it and focused on prayer, and on Him…all the clutter of this world seems less and less important.

De-cluttering is about so much more than just getting rid of material items.  It is about focusing on God, Seeking His righteousness, and living for Him.

Jesus was  a humble man, and he commanded we “sell all you have” and follow Him.  Did he mean just giving up material items?  No. He also meant the selling of our ideas, our mental “stuff.”

When we clear our minds of clutter as well as our homes of physical clutter, we are free to follow Him.  We are not slaves to our “stuff” or our desire to attain more.

My Grandma always used to say to me, “You can’t take it with you.”
It is so true.  Nothing here is eternal.  But everything there is eternal.  Our treasures in heaven!

As I look around my home, there are not many things that I feel I couldn’t live without.  So as I continue on my journey to simplify my life in so many ways, I am keeping a constant inventory of what I really need.

What my kids really need.

And what God wants us to need…HIM.

And by focusing on filling my mind and my life, with Him.

And that is what it means to Simply Live…for Him.

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