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For today, the Mom I was meant to be..

Christmas celebrations are over.  Since Thanksgiving, I feIt like we were in crazy mode.  There was school, but on top of that, house, chores, cooking, baking, entertaining, shopping, mailing, parties, etc. etc...the list goes on…There were so many extras.  This week all is back to “normal”,  and I cut out a few things in my schedule.

I. can. breathe.

I feel like the mom I was meant to be today.  I am completely focused on the school work and each child.  I am cooking a meal for a friend who has had some hardship this week.  This afternoon Grace will have a friend over.  It’s a good day.

(disclaimer…since I know in the future these days are rare, I am documenting it now! 🙂  It’s good to relish it while it is happening, and let it remind me of what I want our life to be…because so quickly it can turn for the worse…kids are fighting, someone is sick, appointments, errands, appliances break, headaches, smelly diapers, extra activities… it builds up very fast…)

But right now…

This is it.  

No running around, no distractions.  Just the kids and me doing our thing…

This is why I want to simplify, even the things that are not physical.  Because when the “stuff” goes away, I can clearly see why I do what I do everyday…

I have been following Roscommon Acres blog for a few weeks.  Dana, the author,  is a fellow write over at Heart of the Matter Online.  (I encourage you to click on the link and read this amazing family’s story) Her 22 month old son was killed recently in a terrible accident at home (a dresser fell on him).  I can’t even imagine the pain, and to read her posts are especially hard because her son was close to Ethan’s age.  The amount of grace she has had during this time is humbling, and reading her posts takes me to a place that makes me see how quickly life can change.  How unexpectedly life can be altered forever.  It makes me realize more and more to cherish every second with these kids.  You never know how many more seconds we have left…It makes me realize to live my life, not just get through each day.  To live it fully as intended by God.

It makes me glad I homeschool.  Glad I took that leap of faith when everything was against me. I knew in my heart I wanted to do it, and followed that instinct, even when it was the most difficult thing to do.

John looked at me this morning during our alone time in school and said, “Mommy, School gets funner and funner with you everyday…”

For today…

This is the mom I was meant to be…

John’s covered wagon craft

Busy working…Ethan copying big brother

Worship time

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