Simply…Homeschool, A One Day Unit Study on SNOW!

We had a special unit study day today all about snow.  I had seen the idea in Home School Enrichment Magazine and thought it would be a fun deviation from the normal schedule.

Everything we did today revolved around snow!

Here is what we did:

*Read Bible verses pertaining to snow:

*Sang Chris Tomlin’s “Indescribable” for Worship time

*Learned new vocabulary words all having to do with snow

*Looked online at many interesting facts about snow and saw some amazing photos of snowflakes under the microscope.  This website is awesome!

*Learned about the Great White Hurricane of 1888 which dumped up to 50 inches of snow in the New York City area.  We were fascinated at the pictures and stories we read about this storm.  There were snow drifts as high as 50 feet, and we read stories of people who were in the storm, walking over snowdrifts…they walked over tree tops!  The kids were so enthralled with this.

*Sang “Let it Snow”

*Learned about the Mpemba effect on water and freezing.  We did an experiment to see if hot water freezes faster than cold.  Ours didn’t, but we learned under certain conditions it can!

*Did math problems about snow…cost of snow removal and how much it would cost depending on various factors

*Made snowflakes for a craft,

…then they decorated their playhouse with the “snow”

*We talked about how each of us are unique like a snowflake, and God created snowflakes different just like us!

*We found the top ten snowiest cities in the U.S. for 2009-2010 on the map, as well as the states most likely to experience “thunder snow.”  We found that New York and Pennsylvania had the most cities in the top ten.

*Grace and Luke wrote stories about what would happen if we had a storm with three feet of snow.  John drew a picture.  I must admit, they both wrote great stories!

Then after all this we watched a fantastic National Geographic movie about Lewis and Clark.  It didn’t have to do with snow, but we have been studying Lewis and Clark…the movie was excellent and they all really enjoyed it.  The scenery was breathtaking! I recommend it. 
I really enjoyed doing a unit study and could see doing more this year.  I can see taking a whole week to study one area and why it would benefit the kids very much.  
I am glad we tried this method for the day.  The kids really enjoyed it, and so did I!

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