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Grace’s Recipe: Ice Cream Crust Cake (by Grace, age 9)

To make ice cream crust cake follow these easy steps (I made this recipe up).
1. First the ingredients: 1 pie crust, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream, also sprinkles, white chocolate chips and any kind of cookies.
2. put crust in a pan and put in the oven for ten mins.
3. when pie crust is cooking take ice cream out to soften
4. put cookies in a plastic bag zip bag closed and crush cookies with a spoon
5. when pie crust is done, scoop the chocolate ice cream into the pie crust
6. then put crushed cookies on top of the chocolate ice cream
7. put vanilla ice cream on top
8. shake sprinkles and chips on top of the ice cream
9. put in freezer for 2 hours
10. take the pie out of the freezer and serve!!!

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