After a long wait, we finally made it to Philadelphia last week for a day trip.  We have been studying the Revolutionary War and Declaration of Independence, so this trip we wanted to see all the historical sites.

This trip was also part of Grace’s birthday celebration. Rather than having a kids party each year, the kids get to choose a place to go for a special day.  Grace chose Philadelphia and she chose to bring her good friend Gabrielle with us.

While there we saw the LIberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, and the Mint.  We also ate at City Tavern, a restaurant where everyone is dressed in period clothing, and the decor is all true to the period.  That was great fun!

It was a really great day and a good way to bring the history we have been learning about to life.  Everyone’s favorite site was Independence Hall.  What an amazing feeling to be in the room where they actually debated and signed the Declaration of Independence.  Praise God!

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