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She is going to be just FINE…

What a day.  Grace (9 years old) took an all-day class today at a local community college.  The class was for kids ages 9-12 and was titled “Making Presentations Using Power Point.” It was from 9 am-4 pm.  Seven hours about Power Point? YUP!  I signed her up because I felt it would be really good for her to learn Power Point since they are using it so much in the schools these days.  We have the program at home, but it would be good for her to learn all the ins and outs. Plus, it is good for her to have some time away from home and gain some independence as she gets older.

I was a little reluctant this morning when I went to drop her off, and saw all of the college kids on campus.  Once I found her classroom though I was very comfortable with the teacher, the location, etc. and knew she was in good hands.

What struck me was when I went to pick her up.  I arrived a few  minutes early and peeked inside the room.  There she was, head held high in front of the class working on her presentation, then talking to the other girls and walking around the room with such confidence.  She was glowing.  I could tell she had a great day.

When she came out of the class she beamed, “Mommy! That was the BEST class EVER!”  Seriously. She loves life, she loves people, and she is confident.  What more can a mom ask for?  I knew right then when I saw her, she is going to be just fine.  She is growing into such a fine young girl.  Oh and to answer the age old homeschooling question…WHAT about socialization?” Yup, I think we’re doing just fine!

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