2890261.jpgToday was a really good school day.  We got a great deal accomplished.  The kids were cheerful, and there weren’t many bumps in the road.  Praise God!
One thing I did with John for his “kindergarten” time was to make snowflakes out of white paper.  We folded the paper and cut out different shapes, and he would squeal in delight each time he opened one to reveal the surprise of how it turned out!  It was so much fun, and yet such a simple craft.  When the other kids heard us, they came to join the fun.  Soon we had a bunch of snowflakes and we decided to hang them from the ceiling in our schoolroom.  What a great time!

As we cut the snowflakes, I talked to John about how they would come out “symmetrical.”  We talked about what that means, and we talked about how each one would be unique:  that no two snowflakes are ever exactly alike.  This led to a discussion about how all people are unique, and how God creates each one different, just like the snowflakes.
This reminded me of last week when we left early one morning for our weekly classes at the F.A.I.T.H. Center.  It was a very cold morning, and there was some ice and snow on my windshield.  When I looked from inside the car closely at the snowflakes frozen in time on my windshield, they were SO beautiful!  The looked exactly like a picture. They were so incredibly small, yet I could see the detail of each one.  It was one of those moments, when you feel God revealing His Glory to you.  Just like the morning sunrise he revealed to me the other day.  It is in those moments, that He speaks to us.  We just need to stop for a minute and listen…

“Out of the south comes the storm, 
And out of the north the cold.  
 “From the breath of God ice is made, 
 And the expanse of the waters is frozen. 
Job 37:9-10 (NASB) 

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