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The January Doldrums…

My mom and I have a big joke about are disdain for the month of January.  It’s cold, it’s dark, there’s no major holidays, Christmas is over, Spring is still a little far away…it’s just January.  All 31 days of it!  

This January started out pretty well however.  Our routine after the New Year was going smoothly.  Then yesterday it started…what nearly every homeschooling family goes through in January…a little bit of that down feeling. It’s been COLD here.  It’s been a little monotonous at times.  Spring seems so far away…it’s kind of like an in-between time…the excitement of Christmas is behind us and there’s nothing to look forward to right now.

You know what?  We don’t’ have to have something to always look forward to.  Sometimes God wants us to just “be.”  And maybe that’s what January is for.  To be nestled inside for bit.  To enjoy each other without distractions.  

Most homeschool families will say January and February are the hardest months.  But as I have seen each year, it passes, we get through it, and then before we know it spring is here and everyone is excited for good weather, gardening, and all the fun.  All of a sudden it’s time to look at curriculum for next year!

I want other homeschooling moms to realize, not everyday is PERFECT!  We all go through these doldrums whether it happens to you in January or any other month.  It says in 2 Corinthians 19 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Amen to that! Because I have HIM, I am strong.  He takes my weakness and makes me strong.  Because of HIS grace, I will get through.

Homeschooling is a lot of work.  Sometimes the children do not feel like doing their work.  Their attitudes are not cheerful.  It is NOT always perfect.  Overall the good days do outweigh the bad, but thankfully on those bad days, I have JESUS CHRIST! I don’t know how people do it without HIM.

The most important thing to remember is why we are doing this.  We chose homeschooling in part for the family time it allows us, for the character it builds, and for the relationships it fosters.  So when the kids are feeling like work is drudgery, we can close the books, and head outside for a winter scavenger hunt (what we did yesterday to help cure the doldrums)  Everyday is learning.  Life is a classroom!  The acamdemics are important, but nothing is more important than building character and godly children.  Learning does not happen when children feel the drudgery and the forced workbooks….as most public schol kids can attest to.  Thankfully, at home, we have the ability to learn ’round the clock, and the ability to change things up a bit when the going gets tough.

I thank God again for His grace each day to allow me to teach my children.  The life lessons learned are often just as good for them as they are for me…

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