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Should You Homeschool? Podcast Ep 58

Whether you are thinking about it, in the midst of it, or perhaps running away from it (like I was 12 years ago!), today I want to talk about the calling of homeschool.

How do you know if you are called to homeschool?
What if you don’t want to homeschool, but feel like you should?
What if you want to homeschool, but feel like you shouldn’t?

All of us have had these questions run through our mind if we have ever even considered homeschooling. Today I am sitting down to get real with you and discuss my story to hopefully encourage you to follow the path God has chosen for your family.

Ultimately, it is not about listening to anyone else, but God.




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Finishing Well• New Podcast Ep 43

As the homeschool year comes to a close, it is very tempting to throw in the towel and just focus on getting it all together next year, but today I want to encourage you to finish well and with excellence this year. Whether you are a homeschooler or a public schooler, or whatever task God has given you, let’s finish well. We only have this moment right now and God expects diligence from us in each task given. Join me today as I chat about not throwing in the towel, but finishing well. (even when all I want to do is forget the books and have a Little House on the Prairie marathon all day! 😉

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New Homeschooler’s Guide to Simple Homeschool •Podcast Ep 39

Today I am talking about two of my favorite things- homeschooling and keeping it simple! Even though I am addressing new homeschoolers, these are things ALL homeschoolers need to be reminded of and can benefit from!

In a world that is constantly trying to distract us, it so important, especially as new homeschoolers, to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus so we know when to weed out the things that aren’t truly important.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, as a new homeschooler or seasoned homeschooler, join me as I address curriculum, schedules, real life learning, and avoiding the comparison trap. I am discussing how to set a solid foundation from the beginning to make teaching easier down the road. Mostly, I hope to remind all homeschoolers to seek God first in all they do!