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Called Home- JUST $0.99 Today!

Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

My new book Called Home is just $0.99 today for Kindle! 

Many of you know I started writing ebooks way back when I thought no one would actually read them. 😉 Fast forward several years, and not only were people reading them, but two of them remained best-sellers at Amazon for quite some time.

The response to the original Called Home was overwhelming. So many women wrote to tell me it blessed them or changed their homeschool. Knowing that this book was having an impact, I wanted to make sure it was done just right.

Over the years, I have been wanting to take that little book I wrote from my heart and perfect it a bit. God put an amazing editor in my path last year when I wrote Real Homeschool, and she once again made this project come true! For all of those who wrote my about the typos, they’re fixed! (keepin’ it real, as always folks!)

This latest edition not only has been edited, revised, and updated, I have expanded it to include a journal section. Many, many ladies have written me or talked to me at homeschool conventions and told me that they have used the book in a group setting. Now there are some places for you to journal thoughts and discuss, or just to have for your own personal use.

I have also revised the 31 verses to pray for your homeschool by including the verse reference only, with ample writing space following. It is my desire for women to be in the Word on their own and let God teach them above all. By doing this, it allows the reader to look up the verse themselves in a translation of choice and then either copy it into the journal or write thoughts about what the Lord is teaching through each verse.

It is my desire to point others solely to Him. I pray this book will do just that, not only in your homeschool but in life.


Watch the LIVE video from Facebook where I talk about the back story behind this book!


Podcast, Simply...Homeschool

The Most Important Lessons • Podcast Ep 37

Over the years, I have made many plans in our homeschool. Yet, we have learned that the most important lessons were never written in a plan book.

Preparing children for life by immersing them in real life every day has been a blessing which has taught them life skills, character traits, and most importantly spiritual lessons.

Whether you homeschool or not, equipping children for real life and equipping them spiritually are as necessary as any textbook.



Simple Tools For Learning

What a great response I had to my recent post about taking the word “school” out of homeschool.

In conjunction with that post I thought I would list some simple items that are a must in your home learning environment:

  • cooking utensils
  • tools-hammers, nails, screws, screwdriver, scrap pieces of wood
  • measuring tape-{learn perimeter, area, radius, circumference, terms of measurement}
  • bean box
  • recyclables-for making inventions, crafts, or to use to hold paints and materials
  • books, preferably “living books”, non fiction, picture books, reference, all kinds!
  • maps and atlases
  • brown paper lunch bags for puppet making
  • camera-use for learning photography
  • video camera-learn to make movies and video editing
  • sketch paper-all sizes
  • long rolls of butcher paper/newsprint
  • colored pencils, markers,   crayons
  • classical music cd’s (playing in the background most days-not a forced time to listen)
  • classic artwork- strategically placed about the house-immerse them in art!
  • microscope/telescope
  • magnifying glass for nature study
  • paint
  • scrabble game
  • binoculars
  • constellation charts
  • gears
  • old magazines-use the pictures for collages and crafting
  • a chess set
  • logic puzzles and tangrams
  • craft sticks-not just for crafts! math manipulatives or preschoolers making shapes/letters
  • paper and pencils for creative writing
  • cardboard boxes-all sizes for building towers, making dioramas, and all crafts
  • field guides-birds, flowers, trees, animals
  • a needle and thread/sewing machine {for the young ladies} and fabric scraps
  • knitting, crochet, needlepoint
  • dictionary/encyclopedia {good old fashioned kind}
  • homemade play dough/salt dough
  • a library card
  • the outdoors
  • a garden or pots for planting
  • legos
  • a regular clock (not digital) for learning to tell time-don’t really need to buy a plastic “toy”-a real one works just fine 😉 
  • old checks  {from an old account not in existence} and a register- learn how to write checks and keep a balanced account. We did this recently and everyone LOVED it!
  • envelopes and stationary for writing letters


And a few extra “things” that are  a must:
your encouragement
eye to eye contact
being fully present
Nothing is more important than these last four things that only you can give. Children want us to be fully present with them, engaging with them, and loving them while they learn.
That is something no other learning environment outside the home can provide…

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