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Simple Food- As God Intended It To Be…

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As New Year’s approaches so many people make resolutions about eating healthier. Yet, I am learning that there is so much more to eating healthier than losing weight or “looking good.” It is about being healthy, but most of all, God has given us all we need in our food for health- and He has designed the food system to work quite efficiently to keep us healthy.  Yet, as a society we have compromised His plan. 

For the last week or so, my husband and I have been enjoying some quiet time after the kiddies go to bed- by watching documentaries on Netflix. We have been watching ones specifically that deal with our food system, farming, and how the food industry has made our food much less healthy in the past few decades with the industrialization of farming.

I highly recommend being informed about these things. Not only is the food we eat processed, it is nutritionally deficient. The way that our food is made nowadays is based on making the most for the least amount of money, and it doesn’t matter if health is compromised- not the way we were intended to eat.

What I find fascinating is how it can be looked at biblically. How we as humans have messed with things that were designed by our Creator to be a certain way. God is simply amazing in how he designed the food system to work. How the animals and plants work together to compete cycles of fertilization and growth. Yet, when us humans get in there and upset things, we end up with disease and things are out of balance. 

Now more than ever our society is dealing with high rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity-
all effects of what we have created by interfering with the way food is supposed to grow and be eaten. Another effect of the fall of man. 

When we see the beauty of how God has created nature, and how we are supposed to respect His creation, then we can enjoy the health from His creation. Yet, when we tamper with what is perfectly created we are left with deficient and unhealthy consequences.

I am simply intrigued at learning more about how to make better choices for my family, and keep in line with God’s intention for us. The results will be healthier food, healthier people, and a healthier earth.

Simplifying food. It is another way to simplify our lives to keep our focus on Him. After all, He created our food- so we can focus on Him when we focus on eating the way He intended us to.

I plan on incorporating these movies and lessons into our school lessons for health- tying it all into using the Bible as our Main Text in January. There is so much to learn about science, biology, health, nutrition, etc.- all from His Creation.

These are highly recommend if you are interested in learning more:


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