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Before Your Can Share Jesus, You Need to Know Him Yourself

One of the most important things to do before you even start to evangelize is to make sure you are spending time with the Lord first. How can you share what you don’t know?

But guess what? You don’t have to have all the theological answers, biblical knowledge, and facts. People will see Him because Christ lives in you. Spend time with Him. Become more like Him. It truly is the first step to evangelism.

Many never evangelize because they think they may not have all the answers. But you don’t need to. The Holy Spirit will always lead you in your conversations. But you must ask Him to lead you. Seek the Lord and trust Him to work through you.

Don’t make evangelism about what you can do. Make it about what God can do through you.

Simply start by sending time with Him each day. In Word and prayer. People will recognize Him in you.

One way to be encouraged in your walk with the Lord is to join us in our Women’s Community! We are women who are encouraging one another in their walk. We provide lots of resources for you to spend time in the Word and grow as a disciple of Christ!

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missional moms

Simply Go! is a new initiative of the Simply Living for Him ministry that focuses on missional living in the lives of everyday women. Based on Acts 4:13, which describes the disciples as ordinary men who had been changed by an extraordinary God, and those around them simply recognized that they had been with Jesus. As we begin to approach Spring, we have some ideas that we will move forward with for our Simply Go! initiative. We will share resources, new challenges, and encouraging blog articles about being missional in your everyday life. 

We want to encourage you that you can be missional right where you are–in your home, community, and everyday life. You simply need to reflect Jesus! So while Simply Living for Him provides resources to help you spend time with Jesus, Simply Go! is the next step in then shining that light!

This world is getting darker each day and it is our duty and privilege to shine the light of Christ! You will find challenges, ideas, encouragement, and resources in this section.

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