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Hope in the Division.

Turn off the news and get outside. I promise the news will still be there tomorrow.

I am yearning for simpler days right now. Even though the past few months have forced many of us to get rid of so many distractions, life has become more complex, confusing, and chaotic.

I remember when the pandemic started. I thought… this will unify us. We are all in this together. We are getting rid of distractions but maybe it will help us focus again.

I have never been so wrong.

Instead of embracing the time we had, we filled it with narrative, articles, and opinions.

Because of the work I do involves being online,  I have witnessed a horrific site these last few months. People who were friends for years, arguing. Folks who don’t know each other, arguing. Division. Confusion. Distraction.

Satan is having a field day.

I say, “No more.” Go back to the way it was when we were young. We watched the news after dinner. And then went on with life. We weren’t consumed. We weren’t devouring it all day long. There was space to get away from it. Even better we didn’t have every single person we knew and even many we didn’t, sharing their opinion, their narrative, their latest theory.

People connected differently. I had a dream last night that has been on my mind all day. I have no idea what it means, but part of me knows it has something to do with the human connection. I dreamt I was walking down a street and two elderly women were getting out of a car. There was snow on the sidewalk and they were having trouble getting out. I ran over to help them. There was no mask and no distancing. I was humbled to be able to stoop down, hold their hands, and help them. They thanked me over and over and I felt deep in my soul, so thankful for them. I woke up thinking about how it must be a sign of our deep longing for connection. Serving. Humility. Getting down on their level to help. There’s not much of that online these days,

We are connected but disunified.

We are conversing but shouting. 

We are speaking but not listening.

We are reacting in anger not in love.

We are rarely humble.

Oh, Lord, please instill in us the common ground of our souls again. Please let us turn off the news and turn to you. Please let us say enough. 

Let’s get back to simple. Watch the news. Don’t let it consume you. Don’t let it divide you. Believe it or not, we can be friends and have different opinions.

The only real truth out there is the Word of God. That is the absolute truth. Let’s point people to that truth. Because in the end, it is the only thing that will truly save anyone.

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