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Truly Enjoy the Simple Things- Even Brillo!

“I love this stuff! This is the BEST! When I am older, I am so getting this!”


My 9-year-old was talking about Brillo.

Oh, to have such joy over Brillo!

This evening I was cleaning the stovetop. You know how when the rice boils over and it makes that huge mess, and then when you don’t clean it until after dinner, it hardens and gets gunky? Well, that was my stovetop. As I started scrubbing down the whole thing with Brillo, my 9-year-old came over and asked if he could help. (This kid loves chores and is seriously always joyful about it!) At first, I hesitated because he never used Brillo before and I didn’t think he’d like the messy and weird texture of it. But he took the Brillo and began scrubbing and scrubbing.

He was just so stinkin’ excited about!

Oh, the joy of a child. Over such little things. Over Brillo.

He was excited to see how well it cleaned and immediately after he wanted to Brillo everything! Ha! 

No screens. Nothing elaborate. Just Brillo.

We don’t give kids enough credit for being able to enjoy the simple. We think they need gadgets and entertainment. But deep down, in the nature of a child, I think they have the capacity to appreciate so much more than we realize.


Like Brillo…

If you liked this post, be sure to listen to the podcast this Friday, when I will be talking about “Simple Childhood” and how we can keep our children’s childhood simple in this complicated world.

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