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My New Favorite Month. Simple Summer.


I’ve decided it is my new favorite month.

It used to be May- because it signaled school coming to a close, summer beginning, and a warm weather settling in.

But now it’s July.

(I love the hot weather!)

And nothing says summer like:



Ice Cream.


Go-Kart nights.

Campfires and s’mores.

Barefeet and flip-flops.

The smell of sunscreen and bug spray.

Late nights.

Garden mornings.

Freeze pops.

Water fights.

All things red, white, and blue.






Really…I just love everything about July. 

We’ve been up way too late these days, and I am savoring it. Laughing and chatting and eating ice cream. Even though most nights, I am begging to go to sleep while my kids are just getting going! I know this time is precious.  It’s just such a fun and relaxing time of year. I am learning to savor it. 

It’s a simple month filled with all the things summer is made of.


July. Enjoy it. A simple time filled with simple things. The busyness of the year is behind us and the hazy days of summer won’t last forever.


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