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I had this blog post composed in my head for a week  now, since we returned from the Teach Them Diligently Convention. We had lost our two ducks while away…and so, these were my thoughts…

The kids and I always talk about the animals and how God made them lower than humans. They are not equal with us as we are made in God’s image. So the lesson I tried to teach them after our ducks were lost, was that when the ducks escaped it was a picture of what happens when we follow our instincts (flesh) and not our Protector.

You see those ducks had no way of knowing that the reason we kept them cooped up while we were away was for their own good. They were just adamant on getting out to see what was on the other side. So they followed their instinct to keep searching for more and escaped. Unfortunately, they met their demise at some point out there without the protection we had given them.

And God is our protector. When we live under His will and His way for us, we are safe from all that lurks out there seeking to destroy us. We must fight our inner battle and fight our flesh that tells us at times to go explore outside of His Protection. We need to fight our need to find out if the “grass is greener” elsewhere.

So, I have been thinking on those thoughts for the past week and really thought it was a perfect picture of how I am thankful that, unlike those animals, God has given us His wisdom to learn from and His Spirit to guide us.

Then this morning, the lesson seemed to be taken a bit further…

I went to open the chicken door for the morning and as I approached I noticed they were already outside. I thought perhaps Steve had already let them out before work, but as I approached I started to see a trail of feathers.

My stomach sank because I knew what this meant. I looked in the coop and there was a big pile of feathers and a trail of feathers leading from the pile all the way to the woods. Apparently the chickens were put away last night but their coop door was never shut and something came in and took one of them.

Sad lesson. Hard lesson.

So in contemplating the lesson we learned about the ducks…how did this fit in? 

What happens when the one protecting fails? And they are left vulnerable?

Ah….but this doesn’t happen in God’s protection. He wouldn’t forget to shut the door. Praise the Lord, we worship a God who can not forget!

The lesson here is we are human. We make mistakes. Costly mistakes. 

God can’t. He will protect us always. And isn’t that a wonderful place to be?




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