All By His Grace…His Love Is Never Earned

This morning my little five year old crawled into bed with me, his illustrated Children’s Bible in hand, cuddling up as he began to flip through the pages…

After looking through it awhile he said, “Now what should I do mommy?”

“Pray.” I answered. “Talk to God…”

“What should I talk about?” he asked

“Just talk to Him. Thank Him for creating you. Thank Him for loving us. Ask Him to help you obey today.”

He sat there with a stillness, I am guessing in deep in conversation with the Lord…as deep as a five year old can get…

Then he sat up, removed his band-aid that had been covering his big toe and said, “Look Mommy. My cut is getting better. God healed it. I did something for Him, and now He did something for me.”

OH Nooooo…I quickly responded how we don’t have to do ANYTHING to earn anything from God. In fact we can not. Nothing we can do will earn us anything from God. I wanted to make this so clear in his little mind, so that he knows we never, ever do anything, to get anything from God.

I went on to explain that God made us, and all we need to do is love Him back and obey. He loves us no matter what. We don’t do things in order to get things from Him. We simply love Him. He loved us long before we were even born.

I think he understood after a long while. Yet, it made me realize how we all are like my little five year old sometimes. Even though we know in our heart of hearts that we do nothing to earn God’s favor, he freely gives us His gift…and once we accept it, we will in turn want to please Him…out of love and not out of obligation…with the Holy Spirit living in us…

Yet, we are still trying to earn favor. Nothing we ever can do will earn God’s love. He doesn’t ask us to earn it. That is the beauty of His grace.  Yet, day after day we try to earn it. We quickly forget it is ours already.

I deserve nothing from Him. In fact, what I do deserve is far worse. I have sinned so much, fallen so short…and day after day still fail. Yet, He chose to come and swoop me up from the life I was living and let me live in His grace. Why me? I may never know. But I will spend the rest of my days not trying to earn anything, or even repay, but giving glory to HIM for what He has done. When I deserve nothing.

This morning my husband and I were both working in our office at home- he on his business (FarmHaus Studios )and me on my ministry- both Simply Living…for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling. And all I could think was …

“Who am I, Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, 
that you have brought me this far?” 
2 Samuel 7:18

I have done nothing to deserve this life. We are living the dream. A family business. A ministry. A God who loves us beyond our imagination. An eternity we will spend with Him. Sometimes “I scarce can take it in,” as the old hymnbook says…but it is so true. I just can’t fathom it.

We spent a day at the beach this week. I  always marvel  when I look at those grains of sand..and realize He knows each one. I am only looking at a glimpse and I can’t even begin to count them…forget multiplying it by ALL the grains of sand on this whole earth. And He knows each one. And He knows each one of us and every single part of us. I can’t wrap my head around His greatness and majesty. And here I am, little ‘ol me…and yet He cares.

So my days will be spent turning each blessing back to praise. Praising Him for all He does. And simply living..for Him.

A couple exciting things…
The PRINT edition of my books will be coming this year. I received the Proof copy of Simply Homeschool 2nd Edition yesterday. It was so exiting! We are looking forward to all God has in store for us this year! I am hoping to book up several speaking engagements as well as some other ministry opportunities!

For now the eBook version is available for just $2.99 for PDF and for Kindle!


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