Jockey Hollow Trip

Yesterday we took a trip with good friends to Jockey Hollow.  We really wanted to visit Washington’s Headquarters, however it is closed for the summer.

We went to the Visiter Center and saw a great short movie about The Hard Winter of 1780.  I loved how Luke told me on the way home, “Mommy, I learned SO much from that movie!”  After the movie we went out and toured The Wick House which is the original house dating back to the 1700’s and was used for the soldiers during 1779-1780.  We loved touring inside the house and outside at the gardens.

Next we took the long walk up to the soldiers huts.  It was about a mile away through the woods.  We thought it would be easy, but with 9 kids between  two of us, it was quite a walk! The kids loved it though and when we finally reached the soldiers huts, they enjoyed going in and out each one of them and exploring.

It was a great visit and we are hoping to visit Washington’s Headquarters when it reopens.

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