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So true isn’t it? I know many people who have traveled out of the country to very impoverished areas. They all say the same thing. The people are so happy. They have nothing {materially} but are joy- filled. They know the Lord and they worship Him with all their heart. They don’t place any value in material things, because all they have is immaterial.

They only have the Lord to rely on. He is their only source of joy.

We have so much in this society, 
that we are under a false sense of joy. 
There is emptiness at the end of all our “stuff.” 
It is not eternal.
That is why I yearn for the simple. Too easily I can feel comfortable with things, and God is pushed aside. 
I want to be aware of my need for Him every moment. That true and lasting joy only comes from Him. 

I place my hope in Him
I place my joy in Him.
I place my life in His hands.

I yearn for the true joy those who only have Him posses…
I think of our trip last month and I see how very quickly I crumbled amidst circumstances. I know with my head that I can be joy-filled in all circumstance, yet I was not. I must know it in my heart.
Humbling indeed….
I think of my children. Recently I read that a child’s first impression of God is the model of their parents. Oh how frightening…that I show them so often impatience or a short temper. 
Not the best model.

Yet, when I have the grace and joy and mercy filled from being close to the Lord, then my actions will naturally overflow with those things…
I have so many goals for the next few weeks…
Solidifying our school plans for fall, starting my new book, and many other personal issues to tackle…
sometimes it all seems so overwhelming.
But the joy of the Lord is my strength. Staying close to Him and steeping myself in the Word each day will give me everything I need to accomplish my goals, which ultimately must be in line with His goals…
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