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Next year’s planning is in the works as far as our homeschool.  I attended the CHAP Convention this year, and was planning on posting about it afterwards, but it was so overwhelming!  Among the amazing speakers I saw were Ken Ham, from Answers in Genesis and Steve Demme, from Math-U-See and the Family that Stays Together MinistriesDoug Phillips from Vision Forum was there too. It was so great to see these guys in person and hear them speak.  They are so passionate about their views and it was really enlightening.  My mind is just so overloaded from all of the vendors and great information, though, I am still processing it.  Perhaps in the future there will still be a post about it…

However, I am soldifying our curriculum for next year.  We have just over one week left a school this year.  Well, formal school that is.  I plan on keeping up with math over the summer and of course, reading.  I have just instilled a “Reading Hour” after lunch when the baby naps, and it is working out well. Even I am catching up on my reading!

The boys are both 1/3 of the way through their Math U See books for next year already, so I don’t feel pressured in that department.  I do though, feel strongly to have them continue over the summer so that we don’t have to review in the fall, and to keep their minds going.  I bought Grace the Life of Fred book for fractions at the CHAP convention, and so far she loves it.  She will use that over the summer.  I highly recommend it!

I will also have Grace work on her Polished Cornerstones book from Doorposts over the summer. It is a wonderful character/Bible curriculum.  I also have planned for her to read Beautiful Girlhood, by Karen Andreola.

This is what I have so far planned for fall,  but I plan to do some more research and planning over the summer.

Together Work:

Science- Apologia Exploring Creation with Botony.  I spoke with the Apologia reps at the convention. I just love their materials!

Nature Study- I want to make sure we do this at least once each week.  Each child will have a nature study notebook. I heard Susan Chrisman speak at the convention about implementing a Charlotte Mason homeschool and I just loved it.  It inspired me to continue with nature study and make it more of a priority.

History– Continue with Truth Quest Volume II.  We will begin with Indians and move into Pioneers.  I am looking forward to learning all about westward expansion and settlement.  And of course, reading aloud lots of Little House on the Prairie books with it!
Each child will make a History Binder using the materials from A Journey Through Learning. I have downloaded the materials.

Picture Study- I am so excited about Simply Charlotte Mason’s new Picture Study Portfolios.  I am purchasing these for our picture study this year.

Composer Study- Haven’t decided yet

Literature Read Alouds, family reading- I am still working on the list

Geography– Making a 50 states notebook, and learning more in depth about each state

Foreign Language– Spanish

Grace’s Work (10 years old)

Life of Fred Fractions, with possibly Math U See Epsilon

Literature- I am choosing many books for her currently and making a list for her to read as well as to report on.  I also will be using a narration book for her to write formal narrations after each reading.

Journal- A daily journal to write as she chooses

Editor in Chief, from Critical Thinking Press

Easy Grammar, 5th grade

Copywork from Sandi Queen

Stewardship- Learning about household economics

Public Speaking/Leadership Class– Bi-monthly class for homeschoolers, through Toastmasters program. Learn the art of public speaking as well as leadership. I am very excited about this class!

Fine Arts– Violin, Art, Dance, Drama at our local fine arts program for homeschoolers

Luke (8 years old)

Math U See Gamma for first half of year and then onto Delta

Literature- Much more reading on his own this year with more challenging books.  He will do narrations aloud to me, which I will write in a notebook for him.  We will use these for dictation and copywork as well.

Spelling- Haven’t decded yet. Probably SpellWell with a combo of memorizing lists

Easy Grammar, 3rd Grade

Copywork from Sandi Queen

Cursive Practice

Daily Journal

Logic/Mind Benders from Critical Thinking Press

Fine Arts– Art at local fine arts program for homeschoolers.  Computer Art at home.

John (6 years old)

Math U See Alpha for the first half of the year, and then move into Beta

Explode the Code 2

Horizons 1st grade Handwriting

Spelling– Possibly SpellWell

Continue learning to read-Working on his book list

Ethan (2 years old, almost 3)
Lots of fun preschool activities…
I still have some more research to do, and more importantly, pray over all of my choices…

How about you? Have you planned for the fall? I’d love to hear your plans!

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