Start with ONE thing…

FIVE  Ways You Can Simplify Right NOW! By only getting rid of ONE thing in each area!

1.  Throw away ONE magazine that you have read but are holding onto…we all know you will not go back and read it again!

2.  Go into your closet and find ONE item you definitely will not wear again.

3.  Toys-seriously, this is so easy.  Go through right now, and just pick ONE thing that you think your children can live without.

4.  Open your junk drawer, and pick ONE thing to get rid of.

5.  Check your email inbox, and immediately delete ONE thing you have been keeping there to read later…an article, a link, etc.  You won’t miss it.

I promise you won’t be able to just get rid of one thing  in each of these areas.  It will be contagious…But if not, hey at least you are on a start.

Now repeat again tomorrow, and the next day, until you have reduced clutter noticeably!

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