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Simplifying Thanksgiving

As the holidays approach I have been thinking alot about how our family can simplify the “stuff” that goes with the holidays, so that we can enjoy the meaning of everything more.  Right now I am thinking about Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving.  it is just a day to gather with family and celebrate blessings.  There’s no presents, the focus is just on being together and celebrating all that we are thankful for.

We are hosting at our home this year, and I have decided to take the whole week off from regular school work.  I have a Thanksgiving book that I printed out online with all sorts of activities for the kids to work on.  I also want to read Bible verses each day about being thankful and really take it easy for the week.  I also will have the kids help me get out all of the good dishes, clean the house, and of course, start preparing the food!  All of these things are valuable life lessons.

Simplifying Thanksgiving means to me that we will take a break from our usual routine to focus on  giving praise and thanks to God.  I will stick with a simple menu for Thanksgiving, and not try out anything too elaborate.  I really want the focus of the day to be family and not food.

After Thanksgiving I will be posting a Simplifying the Holidays challenge, so keep checking back!

Be Blessed!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

An oldie but goodie…because HE IS GREAT!!!!!

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