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Simple fun! Field trip to Washington’s Headquarters

Today we took a homeschool field trip to Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown.  We had been to Jockey Hollow in the early summer, but this part of the park had been closed.  It has finally opened so we headed back to see the Ford Mansion and Washington’s Headquarters Museum.  We had such a great time!

We had our own tour of the Ford Mansion.  We went with our good friends who have 5 children, so there were 11 of us altogether!  We had a great tour guide (who also mentioned that his family homeschools…which was neat!)  We toured The Ford Mansion which was a mansion that was used during the Hard Winter of 1779-1780 during the Revolutionary War.  We saw where the men stayed and where George Washington himself stayed and worked!  How incredible.  Some of the furniture pieces were original.  The house was fascinating (I love old homes like this!) and it was fun to imagine Washington living, working, and commanding from this very place!

Afterward we spent some time in the museum, and then we headed outside.  The kids had so much fun playing in the outdoors.  The boys were having an acorn war and the girls were “gathering” acorns.  Isn’t it funny, how boys and girls automatically assume the roles of hunters and gatherers when playing!  So fun to watch!

It was a brisk fall day, with beautiful colors of orange and gold all around us.  Seeing the kids running, squealing in delight, and using their imaginations outdoors was great.  They needed nothing fancy…just some acorns, and their imaginations.  What a blessing to watch!

It’s these kinds of things that I really relish.  The simplicity of being a child when they are left to their own devices…to just play.  No technology, no organized game, just the simple fun of being a child!

I am grateful for days like these.  We learned, we had fun, and we were able to live simply, in a way I pray is pleasing to God and glorifies Him!

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