Simple and fun outdoor homeschool activity…Lewis and Clark

Today we took advantage of the warm weather (in the 70’s!) and did a fun outdoor activity.  We just finished up reading one of our Lewis and Clark books for history.  We have learned so much about this time period and how our country explored the land west and eventually acquired it.

So today, the kids pretended they were part of Lewis and Clark’s “Corps of Discovery” and went on an expedition.  Their expedition was the land in our backyard and they were to collect specimens and journal about what they found.  I was Thomas Jefferson and they were to report back to me their findings.

It was really fun and they did a great job.  Here are some of their findings from their “expedition.”

My little explorers

Journaling his findings

Plant specimen

Bark specimen

Specimen of vegetables growing

Bug specimens

More veggies

More bugs…aka “roly polys” yuck!!

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