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It is amazing all of the information available to homeschoolers out there.  Just “google” homeschool and you will find more info than you ever imagined.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of the websites and blogs out there, and am incredibly grateful for the wealth of resources available to us.  But sometimes, it is information overload.

There are so many methods to homeschooling…classical, traditional, eclectic, Charlotte Mason style, unschooling, textbook approach, the list goes on and on….Sometimes it is just plain confusing.  I want nothing but the best for my kids, and when everything looks so good, it becomes hard to decide what is best!

That’s when I turn the computer off, grab my Bible, and take my concerns to Him.  He is the one who led me here to this place.  To homeschool.  And when I keep my eyes on Him, and give all my concerns and worries to Him, He provides for me more abundantly than I think possible.

I love the story in Matthew 14 where Jesus walks on water.  When the disciples see Him  walking on the water they are afraid, until they realize it is Him.  Then Peter asks Jesus if he can walk on the water too.  He gets out of the boat and begins to walk on water.  Then all of a sudden a wind comes, Peter takes his eyes off Jesus, and immediately begins to sink!  Jesus says to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”  All Peter needed to do was to keep his eyes on Jesus, and have faith, and he would NOT have sank.  That is all we need to do… TRUST.  OBEY.  And keep our eyes on Him.  He will not let us sink!

So today I am focusing on keeping my homechool simple.  Simply remembering why we homeschool, and focusing on keeping it simple.  When I am distracted the kids see that and they become distracted.  I am going to keep things fun, but simple.  We don’t always need all of the “extras” that look so good to us.  I work better when there is less clutter too.  Keeping our schoolroom simple, and most importantly remembering why we homeschool.  To live together, learn together, and grow together while SIMPLY LIVING FOR HIM!

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