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Retreat Schedule 2022

If you are thinking of attending or are attending, here is the schedule for our 2022 retreat! (Times are subject to change, but this is a good idea of what to expect!)

If you are attending virtually, your ticket will allow you to watch ALL of the main sessions, either while they are happening LIVE, or after the event, whenever you wish! You will have lifetime access!



Wednesday, July 13, 2022

3:00 pm Check in to lodges (if staying onsite)

Get settled, unpack, and prepare for our evening together! Enjoy some quiet time around the lake, walk the trails, take a nap! This is your time to prepare your heart.

4:30 PM Alumni Gathering

Calling all past retreat attendees! Come to an informal gathering to reconnect with sisters from past retreats! We will enjoy some time fellowshipping before the event begins. Meeting place TBD – Karen will announce the location via email. Text 862-222-4984 when you arrive if you do not receive the email.

6:00 PM Retreat Opens! Conference Room

Check in and welcome. Get settled and prepare for the retreat.

6:45 PM Welcome and Worship (Karen and Robin) Conference Room

7:30 PM Opening Session (Karen) Conference Room

8:15-10:00 PM Dessert Party! Conference Room

Come fellowship and enjoy yummy treats. Take photos, mingle, and just relax and unwind with your sisters in Christ!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

We purposely schedule the retreat activities to begin later, allowing you to truly rest and renew…and sleep in if you wish! Or enjoy a quiet walk by the lake, on the hiking trail, and some breakfast on your own. Continental breakfast is available in the lodges for a small fee.

10 AM: Worship with Robin Miller Conference Room

10:30 AM Session 1 How Do We, Miss Jesus? (Karen) Conference Room

In this session, we will begin to explore who Mary and Martha were, and specifically focus on Martha. She was easily distracted and anxious, while Jesus Himself was in front of her. Many of us do the same these days. Let’s dig into what the Word teaches us about being distracted and deal with the things that are taking your eyes off of Jesus these days.

11:30 AM Break

11:45 AM Optional Mini Chat- What is Distracting You? (Karen and Grace)

Conference room


12:30 PM Lunch (catered lunch)

1:45 PM Worship with Robin Miller Conference Room

2:00 PM  Session 2 Choose the Better (Karen) Conference Room

In this session, we will focus on Mary and why Jesus told her she chose the better, or the one thing that was needed. 

3:00 PM Journal and Prayer time Outside or free time

3:00 PM Younger Ladies: Special Session with Guest Speaker, Grace Jones: How to Sit at His Feet Daily. Being a disciple as a young woman in a distracting world (Grace) Conference Room

4:00- Session 3 How to Sit at His Feet Daily: How to be a disciple in this distracting world (Karen) Conference Room

Younger Ladies- Prayer and Journal time outside or free time

5:00- Group Time with All Ladies Conference Room

6:00 PM: Evening on your own. Grab dinner in Gettysburg or order in food to your lodge. Get ice cream in town. Watch the sunset. Be still. Whatever you would like to do! The evening is yours. Spend it with new friends or take time to be alone with Jesus.

Friday, July 15, 2022

5:45 AM Sunrise Devotions (Optional)

Attention early birds! Gathering in the front of the main building for some prayer and devotions while watching the gorgeous sunrise!

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast Conference Room

Meet in the conference room for a continental breakfast. Enjoy fellowship together as we prepare to end our retreat!

 9:30 AM: Worship with Robin Miller Conference Room

9:45 AM Closing Words (Karen and Grace)

10:15 Testimonies and Praises

10: 45 Closing Song and Prayer

11:00 AM Check out Lodges 

Thank you to our 2022 Retreat Sponsors!

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