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Creating Stability in the Home Through Homemaking

Last week I had the privilege to sit down with Rosenda Valenzuela for a conversation on my podcast about homemaking. I loved our time together and I would encourage you to go listen! (find it here) In a world of HGTV and Instagram, Rosenda is a breath of fresh air, as she teaches about homemaking, not for aesthetics, but for the heart of your home.

Your home is a ministry. In serving your family, you are serving the Lord. After our conversation, I began to think about some other aspects of homemaking and its importance. One being, that we are providing a place of stability in a world that is chaotic.

It isn’t news to me that our world, and children especially, are encountering major mental health issues these days. The world is chaotic, upside down, and there is no grounding truth any more. Fear is everywhere, comparison, social media- I can’t even begin to name all of the things this generation has to deal with.

And so homemaking, a “profession” not known for its nobility anymore, is actually more necessary than ever.

When we keep our home, serve our family, and put effort into the atmosphere, the meals, and the surroundings, it teaches children they have a safe place. A home where the Lord is at the center is what our children need to find stability in this fallen world that seems to be spiraling daily.

Homemakers have an incredible change to change the world! When our families have a safe place, a loving home, and a godly atmosphere where they feel loved, it truly makes a difference.

So dear homemaker, never think what you are doing isn’t important. The world will make you think because you aren’t hustling to climb the ladders, you don’t matter. But in fact, you matter. Whether you are a stay at home mother or work outside, you still are making a home. And you are instilling so much into those precious souls each day.


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