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At Least You Have Your Health…What Happens When You Don’t?

They say at least you have your health. You know when something goes wrong, people will say, “Well, you have your health. That’s all that matters.”

But what happens when you don’t?

I think the best response is…

At least you have Jesus.

And family and friends of course.

This past week I saw how blessed I was when I didn’t have my health. I spent a sacred nine days in my room with no one but Jesus. I didn’t have my health, but I had Him.

It was a rubber meets the road moment. Where I needed to walk the walk. To truly realize that Jesus is enough.

Even when I was struggling in body, in spirit I was thriving. I felt thankful. I felt close to Him. I felt His presence. And that mattered more than my health.

I saw people reaching out to me. Strangers from the Internet. Friends checking in daily. Loved ones loving me well. Making me laugh. Sending me things. Keeping me going. And I saw love in action.

I learned so much in those isolated days. So very much. And I will be sharing as I can as time goes on.

But for now, I wanted to remind you:

Anything can be taken at any moment.

Your finances.

Your loved ones.

Your health.

Your life.

And nothing matters in those moments but knowing Jesus. Without Him, you have nothing.

My time on earth is temporary. I was reminded of that this week. Not that I was knocking on death’s door at any time, but when you have that much time to think, you realize what matters.

People matter.

Jesus matters.

That’s it.

So remember no matter what circumstances you find yourself in these days, remember, at least you have Jesus.

And if you don’t. Please reach out to me. I would love to tell you more.

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