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It’s Not About You

Guess what? Your life is not about you. I know that is contrary to everything you have ever heard and what the world tells you on a daily basis, but it’s a lie.

The world says to do what makes you happy. The Bible says to do what makes you holy.

The world says to do what makes you feel good. The Bible says to do what is pleasing to the Lord.

The world says you are number one. The Bible says to put others first and yourself last.

The world says to make yourself known. The Bible says to make Him known.

The world says pat yourself on the back when you do well. The Bible says to glorify God in all things.

The world says you deserve everything you want. The Bible says you deserve nothing (except death) yet God sent Jesus to save you.

I recently saw a snippet of a sermon that talked about going to Heaven and the thief on the cross. When asked how he got into heaven, the only response could be in the third person. Never in the first. Never, “I got here because I did….” Because it has nothing to do with you. The response could only be, “Jesus said I could come.” (

The thief was in Heaven because Jesus said He would be. And any of us will only be because of Jesus. Literally, nothing we can do will earn us eternity. It is ALL because of Jesus.

So, therefore, life can not be about us. The minute we make it about us, we have moved away from the Gospel. The minute we make it about us, we take away from God’s glory. And the purpose of our lives and everything we go through in our lives is to bring God glory.

The freedom found in living for Him is true freedom. Gone are the shackles of ourselves. (Oh, have I lived in those shackles!) Striving to do more. Be more. Achieve more. Gain more.

Gone are the shackles of living for others. (Oh, have I lived in those too!) We live free because He has freed us.

Today, know that your life is not about you. That isn’t taking away from who you are, but showing you your true identity in Christ. And that is your value. Your worth. Your life.

When you live knowing that everything you do and say and live is not about you, you have found abundant life in Him. I never want to go back to making it about me, but move forward living for HIM alone.

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