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The Accidental De-clutter of 2020

How many of us in years past longed for simpler schedules and simpler lives? Well, I think 2020 accidentally helped us declutter.

All of a sudden when things were stripped away, unintentionally, we had fresh eyes to see what was truly important.

Our schedules became empty. Those “must-have” items seemed a little less necessary when faced with some tough circumstances. We may have reprioritized.

I know I did.

As a woman who wants a simple life, isn’t God good to give it to me? Yes, there were many complicated things about 2020. But I am talking about taking away the things that had distracted me.

He took away a busy calendar.

He took away some finances (causing me to evaluate what we really need.)

He took away people even for a while. Not that they were a distraction before, but perhaps I had taken them for granted.

He took away the things I had blamed for not having time to do other things.

He took away my comforts.

He took away some security.

And ultimately He gave me so much more.

He gave me a perspective of what is important.

He gave me abundant time with my family at home.

He gave me a new love for homemaking and serving my family.

He gave me a new reliance on Him.

He gave me confidence in Him and not the world.

He gave me a new longing for Him and the things of eternity.

He gave me a new desire for people.

He gave me a new passion to share the Gospel.

He gives and He takes. And I am thankful for what He took. So now, I can give.

As you read this on the cusp of a new year, I hope you would evaluate all that was taken and all that was gained. We have all we need in Christ! If you don’t know that truth, please reach out to me. I will send you a Bible! I will pray for you.

May you have all the blessings and joy in Jesus in 2021 and beyond!


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