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Do We Really Want Life to Go Back to “Normal?”

We all have heard each other say it. “When will life go back to normal?” Believe, me I have said many times myself.

But this morning, I realized, do I even want that?

Let me explain.

I realized that when I say I want normal, I mean “comfortable.” When I don’t have to face the mortality of myself and my loved ones daily. When I am not always thinking about sickness or even death.

I realized that when I say I want normal, I mean ease. Where things were just plain easier than facing confrontation often, difficult issues, and situations. Where finances are secure and I do not have to worry about the next job or if there will be enough income this month.

I realized that when I say I want normal, I mean a life where I was focused on externals and wasn’t faced with issues that I didn’t want to face deep down.

Before the pandemic, I used to believe that people generally buried themselves in shopping, material pleasures, and physical stuff because it distracted them from some of the things they didn’t want to face. Spiritual issues. God. Eternity. And I believe now in the midst of the pandemic that has proved true.

This morning I realized if we go back to the way it was, we will probably go back to living in distraction.

For many of us, myself included, 2020 has caused us to pause. To face issues we otherwise put on the backburner. To prioritize. To live for what is truly important. And that has been a good thing. To realize what life is really about. To find purpose. To grow closer to the Lord. To face the fact that life is short and it will end.

Often when we are comfortable, we tend to rely less on the Lord. When things are easy, we don’t pray. We don’t have to because we don’t need anything. And how wrong we are!

Don’t wish 2020 away because you want it the way it was. Maybe God doesn’t want us to go back there. Maybe He is calling you to hear His voice. Maybe He is calling you to change. Maybe He wants all of you now. Not just when it is hard.

I don’t want to go back. I want a new perspective. I don’t want to waste the lessons of 2020, but to be better for them. I thank God for them.

It says in the Bible, “It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart.” (Ecclesiastes 7:3 NIV) Why is that? Because we are more likely to see God at a funeral than at a party.

2020 has been a house of mourning for many. We have grieved what was. But that also places us right on the doorstep to peek through the door of eternity so that we live here on this side with the right perspective of life. God wants us to live here, but He also wants us to know this isn’t all there is. There is a whole new life awaiting us someday on the other side of that door.

People don’t want to think about eternity. It’s why we cover up our lives with other things. But, we can’t afford not to think about it.

God created us to live for Him and one day we will die and be with Him. It is the message of the Gospel. Christ died so we wouldn’t have to endure a death one day forever. Though our bodies may die, we will live. And salvation is a gift for all who hear this truth and believe.

I don’t want to live one moment of my days here not thinking about that truth. Because it is what compels me to live. And to live for Him.

So in comfortable times and in difficult times, in want and in plenty, may we never forget what on earth we are here for. And Who we are living for. It changes everything.

Let’s not go back to the way it was. Let’s go forward, changed, forever.

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