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This is our moment

Last year at this time we had no idea what the next year would bring. We had a good few months left living in complete ignorance of what was to come.

As I look back I realize just how much things have changed. And maybe, just maybe, there is a silver lining.

You see, the Bible tells us that our purpose in life is to glorify God. It is to know Him and then make Him known. I have always tried to live this way, but unfortunately it was not always truly my first priority, even if I thought it was.

Sure, we say it is, but then we live our everyday lives so focused on so many details and so many other things. It’s very easy to get distracted. It’s very easy to live with one foot in both worlds.

I hate double-minded people,
but I love your law. Psalm 119:122 NIV

As everyday things seem to fall more and more apart- the nation is divided, people awaiting test results, families unsure of what holidays will look like, businesses closing, people dying, and the list goes on…I am reminded that God holds all things together.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17 NIV

You see we get fearful because we think we hold it together. But what if we stopped looking at our circumstances as falling apart and lived in them regardless?

Joseph was thrown in a pit, Jonah in a whale, Paul in a prison. Jesus hung on a cross.

Not one of these would have looked at their circumstances as desirable, but we know that they were exactly where they needed to be for God to accomplish His purposes.

Jospeh saved many lives. Jonah heard from God. Paul wrote the New Testament. Jesus redeemed souls.

I think of modern day people. Those who fought in the Civil War. Those who lived through the Spanish flu. Those who lived through the many wars of the 20th century.

Corrie ten Boom, who was put in a concentration camp, stripped of every freedom, and she never lost sight of her purpose. To share the Gospel. In fact, she probably shared the Gospel MORE because of those circumstances than she did before them. Humbling thought.

Today, if you feel like the world is on fire and life as we know it has changed, remember God holds all things together. And nothing has fallen apart. We may suffer, we may even die. But God has never lost control of one single atom in this vast universe.

This is our moment. Were we stop living with one foot in both worlds and stop being “double-minded.” We must wholeheartedly follow God, wherever He takes us. Our circumstances may change, but our endgame hasn’t- to build His Kingdom.

We don’t make disciples only when it’s convenient or comfortable or we have peace. When the world is falling apart, our mission becomes even more necessary.

Are you with me? Today, if you feel like life is out of control and you miss the way it was- secure and comfortable a year ago, remember: it really never was. The circumstances didn’t define you security, Jesus does. So no matter what is happening today, you are secure in Christ. And in this moment, remember our mission-go and make disciples. Glorify God. In all things.

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