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Looking Forward

Every year in August I become melancholy. I don’t want summer to end. I hang onto it for dear life. It seems while everyone is anticipating fall and pumpkin spice everything, I want to stay in flip flops with ice pops forever.

This year is different. So different. Because of the state of the world we live in, I am not holding onto the present nearly as much. I guess because lately, times have been so tumultuous.

The world is different. So different. Sometimes I ache for what was. Sometimes I fear for what will be.

And in all of this, I know what is. God is on the throne. In fact, I came down the stairs this morning and declared to my family, “Today is a good day because God is on the throne!” Motivating them, while half trying to convince myself.

I know it’s true. God IS on the throne. But often we need to be reminded because we make this world our kingdom. When we are part of a greater Kingdom.

So I have been asking the Lord to make me useful for His Kingdom. Not to get caught up in building earthly kingdoms, but in building HIS Kingdom. Because in the end, that is what matters. All of the stuff we are focused on and fighting for is for here. But what is to come is far greater.

My girl left last week. Instead of the usual excitement mixed with sadness, it was covered in unknowns. Lots of emotions for us all to process. But I keep reminding myself, He is on the throne.

I have felt lonely these days. Not because of quarantine. In fact, we have been out quite a bit, been to church every week, and have seen family. But because the world is different. It feels like people are more distant emotionally. It is a strange world these days. Everyone is feeling the effect of the hard.

And I remind myslef. I am a member of the Kingdom. I serve a King. I am never alone. He has a plan for my life here that will affect life there. And that motivates me and inspires me.

So, as the summer fades into fall, rather than my usual melancholy, I anticipate the future, with no fear, no hold on the past, and trusting God for all that is to come.

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