How Do God’s Purposes Fit in With the “American Dream?”// ep157

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Today we are talking about true success. Are we pursuing the American Dream and the ability to pursue opportunities and achievements, or are we pursuing God wherever He leads? Are we being productive in our pursuits for our own comforts or are we being productive in things of the Lord?

Let’s talk about how God’s purposes for our lives fit in with the American Dream today.


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  • Reply Penny November 9, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Hi Karen,
    I love your podcast. I have been on a journey since I was born again 12 years ago to live simply for Jesus. When I started reading the Bible I saw the verse about training up a child in the Way he should go and as I looked for Jesus in it I found that Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life we should train our children up in. We homeschool because I couldn’t see how I could split the training with a public school who is hostile to our Lord. We have 8 kids and our first arrow has been released out into the world. Much like your daughter, our daughter has taken a path that we didn’t see coming. She has followed in her step-father’s footsteps and joined the army to be nurse and work in army hospitals. Her step father was a military police. And much like you we prayed and prayed for God to open the doors if that was where He wanted her. So we know this is where she is supposed to be. Now I’m home with my youngest 7 and my mission is still to train this next generation. I want to get your perspective on church life. I was not brought up in church. My husband was. I was born-again at age 30 and living for Jesus was like breathing, that is, before I started going to church. Church was so very confusing for me. It seemed nothing like the simplicity of the Bible even though it claimed to be of the Word. I could go on and on about this. Another area I struggle in with church is letting my kids go to Sunday school. I know, with all my heart, hat God called me to train my own children. It seems crazy to me to let them go learn from people I don’t even know. I am not around hem enough to judge their fruit for myself. And don’t even get me started on what my little lambs would learn from the public school kids. My children our not ready to be released into the midst of wolves. Also, when I go to church, I lose perspective so easily. My question is, do you attend church regularly, and if so how do you keep your simply living for Jesus perspective? If you don’t attend regularly, do you struggle with guilt for not being a consistent part of an institutionalized church body? The word “institutional” is a huge part of things for me. Stripping away anything that hurts my walk with my Lord was my mission for so long. Does it sound crazy that going to a church building was a part of the stripping away for me? Can church be a seasonal thing like so many other seasons in the life of a follower of Jesus? I look at my Lord’s life. He says we when we are fully trained we will be like our Master. He taught His disciples. I have almost as many as He did. I am teaching mine diligently and faithfully. I have never heard another woman so content with her calling and her life as you are besides myself. Please can you give me your insight on my questions about church. I have asked others. They have he same response that church will not be perfect his side of heaven. I have heard that one many times. That’s not exactly the answer I seek.

    • Reply Karen DeBeus November 11, 2019 at 7:31 am

      This a good question. We have gone through various seasons with church over the years. Have you tried other churches? We have stayed at our home church for about 16 years now, but there were seasons when we stepped back. God grew us through them all. It’s quite a bit to tackle in just a comment here on the blog post, but I believe the feelings you have are valid, but it really depends. If you are in a good, strong, Bible-based church you should feel at home, even though there is no perfect church. But a strong one will encourage you rather than discourage you. Pray about it. And see where God leads. There are many churches out there that are not biblical, so it is wise to be discerning.

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