Expectation Vs. Reality // ep 132

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We all know that expectations usually don’t line up with reality in the end. We often have a picture in our mind of how things are supposed to be and then feel let down that the reality hasn’t lined up what we had hoped.

Today though, I want to dig even deeper into our expectations. Is it possible that expectations are actually distracting us from our true purposes? Are we so busy living for an expectation that we aren’t living the life right in front of us? Are we living for an ideal and not embracing the here and now?

Our one true and greatest expectation in life is the hope we have in Jesus and the reality of eternity. And through that expectation, which is the only one that will provide everlasting joy, will we live out each moment purposefully here on earth. With our eyes on God and what He is doing in us and through us, we can let go of our prideful expectations and humbly live each day for God.

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