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This book shares our story of how we managed to homeschool using the Bible as the center of our studies. For one year, we studied the Bible in depth as a family, and learned so much history, science, geography, and more right from our lessons. It was an amazing experience. It wasn’t without its challenges though, and I will also share what challenges we faced.

God’s Word does not return void. It can ONLY accomplish His purpose. I don’t know about you, but I see His Word as the only 100% guaranteed book out there amongst all of the curricula offered to produce fruit. Can anything else give you that promise? It WILL always accomplish HIS purpose! You can’t go wrong with it as your foundation. AMEN!”

~ Karen DeBeus, Bible Based Homeschooling

This book will cover:

  • How we tackled different subjects
  • A description of our schedule
  • Sample lessons for different weeks
  • Frequently asked questions that so many readers have asked

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A Homeschool Mother’s Prayer- FREE Printable- frame it, put it in your journal, place it where you will need encouragement to keep your focus!

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