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Extraordinary Christmas- It Has Nothing to Do With Stuff!

This season it is especially hard to stay focused on simple, when the world seems to be in a frenzy of shopping, decorating, and busyness. Our season to focus on our Savior has often times felt lost in the shuffle. By the end of the season, I am usually ready for it to end.

What a sad thought. 

Christmas is a time to focus on our Savior. Without His birth, we have no life! Without Him, we are dead. Spiritually and eternally. Yet, every year it seems more and more of it gets lost among the noise.

I never want the spirit Christmas to end. The fact that it wears me out shows that I need to turn my gaze toward Him and away from this world.

Satan would want nothing more during this season than to take our eyes off of Jesus and focus on the things of this world. And quite frankly, sometimes he seems to be succeeding.

But God.

He has already defeated the darkness, so take heart.

When this world seems heavy when everyone seems to be missing out…shine the Light of Jesus.

We decorated our home minimally this year. It’s freeing to be focused on the true meaning of Christmas and not spend endless hours and money trying to live up to the world’s standards.

We are doing some Christmas crafts, planning to bake and take treats to local places like the library and town hall, etc. and keeping the “fluff” to a minimum. We aren’t doing big gifts this year. We already went on a big vacation, got goats, and a dog! Ha! What else do we need? Seriously though… we are looking forward to a cozy, yummy, Christmas breakfast Christmas morning. Gathered around and just enjoying being together. It has taken SO much pressure off already, and we are all excited about it!

I don’t want to be burnt out at the end of a season that is supposed to bring so much joy.

No. I want to be rekindled with a fire burning ever stronger that lives for the Lord.

Join me? Let’s stay focused this Christmas. Don’t let Satan steal your joy or your purpose to glorify the Lord and share the Good News of Jesus!

We will have specific podcasts, videos, daily Scripture, and more as we focus on Christmas. The message of Christmas is anything but simple…that God sent His Son to SAVE us! It is actually extraordinary! And when we strip down all the extra stuff, that message needs nothing else. It shines brighter than all the decor, is sweeter than any treat, and brings joy beyond any wrapped gift.

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