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Dairy Goats and Slowing Down

They’re here! Meet Thelma and Louise!

Last time I wrote on the blog, we had just had them delivered. Well, here they are and we are enjoying them so much.

I recorded a podcast last night about enjoying this slower simple pace. It will be live tomorrow. Be sure to look for it! Do you have to live on a farm to enjoy a slower and simple life…absolutely NOT. You can live more intentionally and without being involved in the rat race wherever God has placed you. It is all about taking time to live the life He has created you for.

I really love this life. I have said over and over this week how much I love living here. But really, milking the goats in the morning as a family gives me such joy. I love that we are learning together and working together. And my son is over the moon to finally have his dream come true!

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Steve and the boys worked together to transform our barn, and Grace even helped decorate! You can see a little tour of the barn in this live Facebook video:

Take a Tour of the Barn:

I promise this page won’t change to thousands of goat posts, even though my Instagram has been full of goat pics! But, we have just been so excited about this new endeavor! 🙂

How are you intentionally slowing down? I’d love to hear in the comments! And be sure to tune in to the podcast tomorrow for my thoughts!


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