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100th Podcast Episode Celebration!

I clearly remember asking Steve one day, “Can I make a recording for people to download?” I wanted to record a session called, “Back to (Home) School”  that people could listen to on their own time. And so I did. We recorded it, made it into an MP3 and had it available to listen on the website.

Eventually, I made a few more recordings and later officially started a podcast. Back then podcasts weren’t quite a big thing…

The first year or two, I sporadically made episodes, recorded when I “felt like it” and wasn’t very consistent. Yet, folks would write to me and ask when I was going to make more episodes. I really felt like no one was ever listening, and I was just talking to myself! But if I missed a Friday or two, people would write to me and ask, “Where is the next episode?”

What started out as a blog, then a little ebook, then speaking engagements, and now a podcast…Simply Living for Him has become a full-blown ministry and an extension of my heart. I absolutely love what I get to do, and that my mission-to point others to Jesus- really does make a difference.


I have met so many people through writing, speaking, retreats, and the podcast…it boggles my mind. People I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. All glory to God. I have been blown away that most people I met at conventions are already podcast listeners! They tell me they are faithful listeners, and I am humbeld. 

SoundCloud tells me I have listeners on every continent (except Antarctica!) and each week, thousands are reached. I am well aware this is small potatoes in the podcasting world, but I don’t live for numbers or the podcasting world…but for true souls. And that is what I found when I actually get emails from listeners or meet them in real life.

So when God uses the podcast to reach thousands or someday even more…or even less…it is all for His glory.

I am looking to the next year and asking God to direct my steps in how to proceed with Simply Living for Him. I want to hold some more local events, possibly more retreats in other locations, and I will be speaking in the Spring (just a little less this year). I am excited to announce I will be speaking for Teach Them Diligently this year in some new locations! Waco Texas, Denver Colorado, and I will be back in Rogers, Arkansas.

So, all that being said…I also am excited that this Friday, that little podcast of mine will publish its 100th episode! And I want YOU to celebrate with me!

I am going to host a LIVE Facebook video at 10 am. And I will be giving away several items throughout the day. 

Some items for giveaways:

The Unhurried Homeschooler by Durenda Wilson

Unhurried Grace by Durenda Wilson

Simply Seeking Him Journal

Real Homeschool

Called Home

$25 The Purple Pear Gift Card

…and more!

So make sure to listen on Friday and check in here on the blog, so YOU can celebrate with us!

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