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God Gives You the Time for What is Important

How do you have time? How do you do it all?

These are questions I have been asked, and really they are very easy to answer.

#1. He does it all. I don’t. I truly believe God gives me the desire, the time, and the energy to do all things. I do nothing (good) apart from Him.

#2. You make time for what is important to you. I believe that if I am in God’s will doing His work, He provides plenty of time to get the tasks done. It is a joy-filled life to not be chasing my tail, but chasing Jesus. I don’t feel like work is drudgery, but I am grateful for every opportunity I am given.

As I sat outside yesterday in a business meeting with my life and business partner, my love….I just felt incredibly blessed. We don’t have to run in separate directions every morning, running separate lives. Our work and life and ministry are all intertwined.

I believe God has given us opportunities and I do not want to waste them. Life is short and I am half-way through. It is time to live the life I have always dreamed of.

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I have seen first hand what He can do when we chase after Him hard, and let Him lead us. He has provided abundantly more than I ever dreamed of in my life.

My family is my ministry first, but together, we are reaching others.

I also want to keep it real and remind you all…half of the time (maybe most of the time…even right this moment, actually!) these blog posts you read were written in the early morning hours from my bed while in my pj’s sipping coffee. Yeah, I could tell you it’s glamorous and I am sitting at my desk with all my neat little ducks in the row. But usually, my writing takes place in crazy places! 😉

And I also wanted to reiterate the fact that although life may seem busy, I believe my life would be much busier and complicated if I worked outside of the home and my children went to school. Many people juggle way more hats than I do by working 9-5, and bringing kids to school or daycare each morning.

My kids would be in three different schools right now if they were in school. Praise the Lord, they are all home with me each day, and we are not running out the door every morning.

I am thankful for a busy but pretty simple life. We are busy doing things we are passionate about. And when you know you are in God’s will and doing the things HE has called you to do (none of this was my idea 😉 ) there is so much joy, it energizes you even more for the next assignment.

Photo by Farmhaus Studios

So today I am thankful for the blessing of work, ministry, and life. All intertwined as we grow closer to Him, love Him more, and make Him known to everyone we come in contact with.

Photo by Farmhaus Studios

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