Lessons From a Very Hard Week

In going through posts from last year, I came across this one that was written, but never published. Not sure why, but today is the one year anniversary of my father-in-law’s passing and I wrote this afterwards. I guess the Lord wanted it’s publication delayed until this time 😉 So, I am hitting publish on it, one year later.
Be blessed.

Things I learned from a very, very hard week.

1. Love. Love deeply. Let those around you know you love them, even if you think they know…keep telling them. Keep loving them. Don’t stop showing it.

2. Forgive. Forgive like there’s no tomorrow.

3. Live. Live like there’s no tomorrow, and live with love as your first language.

4. This world is fallen, relationships are fallen, and sin is abound. But He is greater. Keep looking at Him, because when we look around it can hurt.

5.Value honesty. Even when it hurts. Work through it, with love, and move on.

6. Being on the verge of tears all day is ok. It means you are living and feeling, and feeling deeply…let the tears flow more often. They are truly cleansing.

7. Death stinks. Not for the one who will go to eternity in glory with our Savior, but for those left behind. It hurts, but thankfully it reminds us that we were not created for this world. Heaven is our home.

When in doubt just keep on repeating 1, 2, and 3.

You can also read a beautiful sentiment that my husband shared last year here:

Let Me Go

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