Less Clutter Means More Joy

Last year when we moved, I wrote about how we took all that we had into a 26 foot U-haul. Taking only what we needed with us was essential for me in keeping it simple.

The house we moved into is actually much bigger than our previous house, yet we have less stuff. And I love it.

I have no desire to fill it up.

It is much easier to manage life when there aren’t piles of stuff to manage.

It feels less stressful to walk into a room and have space.

Space to fill with friends and family.

I am enjoying space to invite people over…and to practice hospitality.

Not entertaining, but hospitality.

I enjoy the surrounding property and don’t need fancy decor. God has provided beauty all around us.

If you are looking around now and see nothing but clutter, choose today to start small. Evaluate what you need. Evaluate its purpose.

Here are some questions to ask:

Do you need it? (or more than one of it?)

Is it useful? What is the purpose for keeping it?

Now if you are looking around and don’t even know where to begin, remind yourself to just begin with something. 

If you look at the overall task it will seem overwhelming, but if you promise to get rid of one thing each day….you will be on the road to progress.

Less clutter means less to manage and more time for real things, which leads to freedom and joy.

You don’t have to be a slave to your stuff. You can be free!

Picture yourself walking into a room and just enjoying it for who is in there! Don’t fill spaces trying to fill voids.

Enjoy life…real life, with people, not stuff.

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