Trust Jesus…

This is quite a surreal post to write. I’ve been writing it in my head for days. 
Trying to wrap my head around 13 years. 

We are moving. We are leaving our first home, that we moved into just short of 13 years ago. Actually next month, it will be 13 years since we owned this home. My daughter, was not even a year old yet. We were newly married, new to parenthood, and just beginning our walk with the Lord. SO much has happened here in this home. These walls know the beginnings of our life together. They saw three baby boys join our family. They saw first steps, new beginnings, smiles, and joy. They also witnessed heartache, pain, and tears.

The memories spiral in my mind.

Backyard fun,
Family Bible Studies,
Bike riding,

What really strikes me though is how our journey with the Lord took place here in this town. I clearly remember when we were getting ready to move here…I had never even heard of this town before, and then suddenly we had an offer in and a closing date set. I was nervous…our first house…what were we getting into it? Could we afford it? We knew no one in the area. What were we thinking? I would panic and wonder if it was the right decision.

Some days, prior to our moving, I would put my baby girl in the car for nap time and drive up to the neighborhood…I’d drive around and wonder what life was going to be like. As I drove up one time, full of fear…there it was...in the trees…

Now, stick with me herethis is the point of the story where it gets so strange, that if I were reading this as a reader, I’d raise my brow. Really, though. This is the truth. I was driving one day, and there in the trees lining the highway…were these little wooden signs. They read, “Trust Jesus.”

Now, I am not one for believing that God sends us “signs”…sure He does things for confirmation, but this? (just recently I told a friend this story, and guess what? She remembered the signs! They really were there!)

Anyway, those signs brought much comfort to me. You see, I was just beginning my journey  of a relationship with Jesus. So those signs really meant something. And deep down,  I knew it would be all right.

And it was. It sure was. What a journey He put us on.

You know the funny part? The town we live in…it’s name…Mount Olive. As I sit here today and ponder that, it really does not seem to be a coincidence. The Mount of Olives in the Bible is the very place where Jesus taught many people. They came to hear Him speak at the Mount of Olives.

And so did we.

That is exactly what happened here in our Mount Olive.  I spent time with Jesus. I sat at His feet and learned so much. We found our church, our church family, and we found Him. We learned more than I ever could have imagined 13 years ago. We are now in a place in our life that I never dreamed of.

Isn’t God amazing?

And guess, what…the town we are moving to? Its name is Hope. I am exuberant with anticipation of what God has in store for us in such a place. Who we will meet…who we will touch, and who will touch us. Life is a beautiful thing. I am so grateful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And for Hope. The true and only Hope found in Him.

To God Be the Glory for what He has done and what He will do!

So, as we prepare to leave our beginnings, we are excited for new things. New chapters. Friday, Lord willing, we will walk out the front door for the very last time, and into Hope. A future. And a new chapter.

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