Home is Wherever I’m With You…

My husband and I love that song line…”Home is wherever I’m with you…” It’s been awhile since I sat and blogged…just blogged to write. Lately I have been busy with tying up loose ends for our school year and finishing well, getting ready to speak at Virginia’s State Homeschool Convention next week (can’t wait!), writing a book, buying a house, losing that house, packing, unpacking…and mostly lots of soul searching…

I asked my husband again today, why did we have to go through all that we did these last few months…falling in love with a home and preparing to move, only to have it fall through…it seems like so much time wasted, distracted, and lost. It wasn’t the house so much as the dream…we mourned what we could have had…the life that we dreamed there.

In the end though, we both agreed that God’s plans are always better than ours.

“Why would we need to experience the comforter if our lives are already comfortable” 
~Francis Chan

Yes, we have been comforted much by the Comforter lately. It is so true. We were never promised an easy life. The Bible does promise God will never leave us or forsake us. He never promises us a smooth road, in fact He guarantees us it will NOT be easy. We should expect trials.

So many of the Bible heroes suffered. Every single one. No one had an easy journey,
I am so looking forward to studying Job this summer with my kids. We read about him recently in a book for our morning study, and I was hooked. We need to know more! Job, a righteous man, who loved God, lost everything. Everything. Yet, it was for God’s purpose. 
And the truth is, we have more blessings than we can count, and a house is just a house. That is a trial that doesn’t compare to losing everything. We truly have so much.

I have learned through this experience that wherever I am with my family is HOME. I am content with that. It is beyond anything I deserve.

I am blessed that I have boxes in the garage that are packed, with things I don’t miss. That means I have more than enough. Perhaps I won’t unpack them for awhile…
Simplifying is on my mind more than ever these days. I am constantly evaluating how I can minimize distractions and keep focused on what matters. Life is getting shorter each day and I want to LIVE this life and live it WELL. I don’t want time wasted on details that don’t matter.
I will continue to pare down “stuff,” fill up on my family and on the Lord. And simply live for Him…
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