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Everyday we have an opportunity that is huge, but often goes unnoticed. We get stuck in the mundane thinking that everything we do is just monotonous, or perhaps doesn’t matter. Or we can go the other extreme, that we must be super busy and serving in every aspect we can, in order to find worth.
Both examples are traps. We have opportunities to give glory to God in all things-to show our kids how that looks, and to point to Him in all we do.
Thinking that a simple family life at home doesn’t matter is just not true. We are home with our children and it is a huge influence on their lives. They will look back someday knowing that they were loved. They will have their family as a firm foundation. And if you are using your family and everyday tasks to point to God, then you are truly living. After all, our purpose in all we do is to glorify God.

In the chores? Yup. Glorify Him.
It the schoolwork? Yup. Glorify Him.
In breaking up the millions of daily squabbles? Yup. Glorify Him.
In caring for sickies, and getting no sleep? Yup. Glorify Him.

You will glorify Him by your response to these things and your heart attitude.

You see the Bible tells us in all we do we work for the Lord and not for men.  (Colossians 3:23) And all that we do should be done heartily as for the Lord. Our attitude can either be complaining (not glorifying to God) or rejoicing and giving Him glory for what He does each day.
Worse yet, we can go to the extreme and think we must do so much. The busier, the better.  We want to feel that we are serving and important. Yet just being busy does not glory God. It is our heart and our attitude that does. Doing things without the proper hear attitude is just doing things. It is not serving Him.
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So don’t miss the everyday opportunities. Give Him glory in every task, and be careful not to fill up on tasks but not on Him.
Our identity is in Him alone. Not things of this world. So whatever you do, do it as for Him. And in the busy season, don’t forget He alone defines your worth, and not activities.

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