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Homeschooling With the Bible As Your Main Text- Recap

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Join me as I share all that we have been doing this fall since we have decided to use our Bible as our main textbook. I am joining the iHomeschool Network’s Homeschool Hopscotch! Be sure to go over and check out so many awesome topics for this huge blog hop!

Here is a recap from this 10 Day Series. I hope you all enjoyed reading about our journey. Yes, it is a journey, and certainly not one I have perfected yet, but I am learning along the way.

The most asked question is, “Just what does our typical day look like?” I wrote about that back one Day 1, so make sure to read it and see how we typically school on a day at home.

I am going to continue to add to my resources page, including free resources from the web. I will continue to write about this journey once this series is over, at least once per week, so please make sure to subscribe.

Next week I have a giveaway coming you won’t want to miss…we will also be focusing on Simplifying…Once and for all.

Be blessed!

Past posts in this series:
Day 1 Homeschooling With the BIBLE as Your Main Text-Typical Day
Day 2 Writing Assignments with the Bible as Your Main Text

Day 3 Preschooling with the Bible as Your Main Text
Day 4 Spelling with the Bible as Your Main Text
Day 5 Results of Using the Bible as Your Main Text
Day 6 Science and the Bible
Day 7 Math and the Bible
Day 8 Free Resources for the Bible

You can also visit my Pinterest board for Using the Bible as Your Main text here
Please visit my resource page, where I have begun listing the resources we have found to be helpful in studying Genesis. I will be adding more as we use them.  

Also, please visit iHomeschool Network’s Hopscotch where you can find posts on so many different topics during this fun blog hop! There is also  a “Pin to Win” giveaway-head over for details and great prizes.


If you are looking to keep your eyes on Him and simplify your homeschool, I have two great resources for you!

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