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Highlights from this Week

Join me next week when I will be sharing all that we have been doing this fall since we have decided to use our Bible as our main textbook. I am joining the iHomeschool Network’s Homeschool Hopscotch! Be sure to go over and check out so many awesome topics for this huge blog hop!

We are loving our studies of Noah’s Ark and the amazing facts to support the real worldwide Flood. We watched several video this week about fossils, canyons, flood geology, and dinosaurs.

Yesterday we also watched the movie  Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution. This movie is simply an amazing testament to God’s amazing creation, and how He intricately designed animals so perfectly. One of the animals highlighted in the movie was the woodpecker. We learned so many fascinating facts about how their bodies are designed- four toes instead of three, so they can grip onto the wood, specially designed “shock absorbers” in their skull to protect their brains from the impact of all that pecking, and also eyelids that close to protect their eyeballs from the impact.

Well this morning, as we ate breakfast, there right outside our window was this guy:

Amazing. A woodpecker. Right there. Pecking on our deck. He stayed amazingly still for at least 10 minutes while we observed right up close his toes gripping the wood of our deck, his eyelids opening and closing, etc. Simply unbelievable. I have seen many woodpeckers but never, on our deck like that, immediately outside the window.

It was like a gift from God- a living example of our lessons. I love that.

Join me next week to see how it looks when Homeschooling with the Bible as Your Main Text! I have lots planned, so be sure and subscribe here!

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