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Genesis 5- The Generations of Noah

Today is a new day. His mercies are new each morning. After having a pretty bad end to our week, God showed His mercy and grace to us-yes, His mercies ARE new each morning.
Great is thy faithfulness.
We had a good start today in our Bible study. We are working through Genesis and are now in chapter 5. So, so much to learn.  We just went through the generations of Noah today. I will admit, in the past I would have seen these genealogy lists in the Bible and sort of skim over them and really not think too much of them. Oh MY WORD. What a mistake.
This is the reason I am loving doing our studies like this…truly learning how to read the Bible, and how to dig in.  Those lists of genealogies are so important. We talked about so much this morning-from how people lived so much longer during this time, to the word “gene” and what it means, to understanding the importance of the family line.
OK, here was our big moment of the day. The book we are using pointed this out (Finding Our Roots, Genesis.)

We had just learned the meaning of all of the names of the 10 generations from Adam to Noah. {We also talked about what each of the children’s names mean too-the meanings of names are so interesting!}

Are you ready this?
The meanings of the 10 generations of patriarchs from Adam to Noah, actually make a sentence that shares the Gospel message back in Genesis. The sentence says:

 “Man [is] appointed mortal sorrow [but] the blessed God shall come down teaching [that] His death shall bring the despairing comfort, rest.

We were blown away.

God is. He was. He will always be. We can not separate Him from anything. He knew at the beginning of time, His plan for redemption for all mankind. There is no denying it. His Word is not an accident. You can’t read the Bible and not see how it all fits.

We are five chapters in, and it’s already so obvious. God is so big and so powerful, may we never just reduce Him to the warm fuzzy, feel-good, small God.

NO. He is the Great I AM. 
He is bigger and more powerful than I can grasp. He is all-knowing. I can hardly contain my excitement at this.

Because when I look at my little ‘ol problems of the day, they are a speck of life. There is so much more to this world than the teeny tiny bit we see and live each day.

There is an amazing past, a present, and a glorious future ahead. Yet, to Him it is all the same. He is omnipresent.
May He be glorified through our studies, and as we come to know Him, may we be blessed by His Word.

To Him Be all the Glory!
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