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RV Trip (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of our RV Trip story yesterday, please click here to read it first…

Part 2
So here we were, 700 miles from home, sick kids, and a vehicle that I did not feel safe driving in, let alone sleeping in.

It is a helpless feeling being so far away. At this point we still had 10 more days until we would meeting up with family in Florida (and staying at a Disney hotel…) and at that point 10 days may as well have been 10 years. I couldn’t imagine going further in the RV.

We called the RV company and told them about the sick kids and the mold smell in the RV. We suspected mold and didn’t feel safe. Far from helpful, they didn’t give us many viable options.

I prayed, I read my Bible, I tried everything. I couldn’t shake the panic feeling. At this point I was out of control. We were staying with relatives for a few days and I went to bed hoping to feel better about things in the morning….

I awoke the next morning feeling the same. Then I turned to my husband and said, “Can’t we just go home and get plane tickets to Florida?” My husband is by far the most patient man in the world. He just looked at me and said,
“We can try.”

I spent several hours on the internet and phone trying to get plane tickets. Finally I was able to do so. Hoping that the RV company would refund at least half of our money if we returned the vehicle early, we went ahead and booked the tickets.

The plan was then to rest a bit in North Carolina, get everyone well, and drive home over the weekend.  Then at home we would rest a week before taking a flight down to Disney. We were to meet up with my family in Disney, a gift from my parents. We had to get there!

This trip had slowly evolved into something I never imagined. I must say, the kids were incredible. They were happy wherever we were. Here I was in a constant panic and they just trusted us with a childlike faith. They never questioned things…they just were happy wherever we went.

{Praise God}

The weekend came and we left at 5 am to drive 12 hours back to New Jersey. The ride went much better than I had anticipated. I wasn’t able to help with the driving because the RV was too big, which meant my husband would do it all alone. He never complained. He never grumbled. He simply said he wanted me to feel safe. And happy.

The trek home was long. We had to take several detours because we couldn’t take the RV through any tunnels in Baltimore. We were about 2 hours from home, and we hit TONS of traffic. Still we pushed through. And made it home in about 14 hours.

Stretching at a rest stop…

Once home we bought a mold test. We wanted to be sure if the RV company gave us grief about giving us our money back  we could prove there was mold in the RV.

Imagine my disgust when those little petri dishes grew all kinds of icky stuff. My poor baby boy had slept in that area and got sick from it. Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

We finally did resolve things with the RV company and they did refund us our money back from the rest of the trip. With the amount of money saved on remaining campgrounds for 10 days and gas/travel, we actually probably saved money in the long run.

The kicker was today…I saw that there is a tropical storm in Florida.
It is causing flooding, tornadoes, and storms where we would have been staying this week.

God did protect us. He knew. 

Why He had me go through all this, I have yet to understand…

but more on that tomorrow…come back for Part 3 and read about my feelings on this whole trip….

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